Why our towel is better than your towel

What someone somewhere is probably saying . . .

The ONE Towel to rule them all

Introducing the "Man Towel"

An oversized ultra premium towel made of 100% Organic Turkish Cotton

This expensive a$$ towel is way better then the sandpaper I've been using to dry myself.  Totally worth it!

Mike Lundy


Best invention since the shake weight!  Thanks Tusk & Shield!

Arthur Vandelay


Turkish cotton is of the highest quality because of the uniqueness of the soil, sun and non-GMO agricultural practices of Turkish farmers over many generations.

100% Organic Turkish Cotton

Average bath towel size = 27" x 55"

Our bath towel = 38'' x 72"

Oversized Towel

Average towel = 1 ply @ 500 GSM

Our towel = 4 ply @ 1250 GSM

The extra loops in our weave and higher density allow for more absorbability as well as faster drying

High Absorbability

The towels we use all over the world actually were first woven in modern day Bursa in the 18th century. This is where our factory is and where our master weavers live and work. We are proud to maintain this living art both for our workers and to bring this special product to you.

Handwoven Quality

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Save me from S.T.S!

(Second Towel Syndrome)

I started Tusk & Shield to answer this one simple question...

If a home is a Man's castle, why is so little inside of it made for him?  It is my purpose to remedy this travesty starting by introducing a towel line designed with men in mind.

Earlier this year I set out to scour the earth to find someone that can manufacture a towel with the goals below:

  • Gi-freakin-normous in size
  • Sleek designs
  • Highly dense and absorbant
  • Durable towels that get softer with each wash
  • Environmentally conscious 
  • 100% AUTHENTIC ELS (extra long staple) cotton - most is fake or a blend

This led me to a boutique manufacturer in Turkey where cotton is sourced locally from the Bergama region, a historically rich and fertile region next to the Aegean sea.  The combination of soil and organic farming practices mean Bergama cotton is a smoother, longer, and a more durable fiber.  This is why our towels get softer and softer with every wash.  The Bergama cotton is then taken and handwoven by master weavers in modern day Bursa where textiles have been handmade by craftsmen since the 18th century.

We appreciate the outpouring of support we've recieved thus far and we're excited to start the journey of creating magical experiences in the form of our products.

 Janak P.

Founder - Tusk & Shield

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